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Jasa Outsourcing

Dengan pengalaman penyediaan dan pengelolaan jasa outsourcing, kami telah bekerjasama dengan beberapa perusahaan untuk penyediaan dan pengelolaan tenaga kerja. Outsourcing dan kerjasama outsourcing merupakan solusi bagi Perusahaan yang membutuhkan labor suply , yaitu tenaga tenaga ahli yang ber kompeten di bidang nya masing masing. Diantaranya sebagai berikut:
  1. Front Office Staff , Leader, Supervisor
  • Jasa Outsourcing Receptionist Staff
  • Jasa Outsourcing Customer Service Staff
  • Jasa Outsourcing Teller
  • Jasa Outsourcing Call Center
  • Jasa Outsourcing Telephone Operator
  • Jasa Outsourcing Public Relation
  • Jasa Outsourcing Lifestyle Consultant
  • Jasa Outsourcing Liaison Officer
  1. Back Office Staff, Leader, Supervisor
  • Jasa Outsourcing Admin Staff
  • Jasa Outsourcing Data Entry
  • Jasa Outsourcing Marketing Corporate
  • Jasa Outsourcing Marketing Support
  • Jasa Outsourcing IT Staff
  • Travell Coordinator
  • Jasa Outsourcing Accounting
  • Jasa Outsourcing Cashier
  1. Office & Building Staff, Leader, Supervisor
  • Jasa Outsourcing Office Boy / Office Girl
  • Jasa Outsourcing House Keeping
  • Jasa Outsourcing Messenger /Kurir
  • Jasa Outsourcing Enginering
  • Jasa Outsourcing Cleaning Service
  1. Operational Staff, Leader, Supervisor
  • Jasa Outsourcing Driver Expatriate / Director
  • Jasa Outsourcing Driver Operational
  • Jasa Outsourcing Collector
  • Jasa Outsourcing Greeter
  • Jasa Outsourcing Waitress / Resto Crew
  • Jasa Outsourcing Food & Beverage
  • Jasa Outsourcing Sales Promotion Girl
  • Jasa Outsourcing Sales Promotion Boy
  • Jasa Outsourcing Operational Production Staff
  • Jasa Outsourcing Car Washer


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